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I don’t speak Spanish, so I have to rely on my friend Daniel to tell me the stories reported on the widely praised Radio Ambulante. But this one especially caught my attention: It’s the story of Benjamin Gonzalez, a kid from a working class family in Chile who worked extremely hard to get into the best public high school in the country and eventually graduated its valedictorian.

As Daniel wrote to me, “So, he goes to this school, his only shot at getting into a university, but he bristles at the conformity, the arbitrary discipline, all the baggage that comes from going to one of these very traditional schools, but he’s basically too scared to do anything about it, whether that means complain or push back or anything. The stakes are too high. This is all happening in the context of education reform in chile, where public education is under assault. But he wants to say something. He sees teachers being racist, teachers whitewashing the crimes of the dictatorship, teachers punishing students for no reason. He keeps his mouth shut until graduation: he wins the right to give the valedictory speech, and uses this platform to denounce the school. Imagine — it begins as a classic, conventional graduation speech and turns into a denunciation of traditional conservative values, racism, classism, jingoism… it’s an amazing speech. stunned audience. Cell phone videos of the speech go viral.”

If you speak Spanish, please check the piece out. It’s a fascinating story of the bind working class kids find themselves in—not just in Chile, but around the world, as they seek access to educational opportunities and better lives amid unjust social orders. Radio Ambulante is working to caption and translate more of their work, so hopefully it will be available 




In which John Green is, as always, wonderful.

*prints this onto a hammer and uses it to smash the heads of anyone who complains about this ever*

I strive to be as a good a person as John Green is.